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Hello all! I’ve been visiting local organizations and last week spoke with the recently ousted municipal government. Although the current government is still in power until August they’ve succumb to the fact that “E’ pa’ fuera que van” (Out they go). They’ve told me I could submit a few letters for some funding so that is what I’m doing. I went to a local furniture store to get some price estimates and made the mistake of mentioning it would be submitted to the mayor’s office. I had to make corrections to tell them I was not politically connected with the political party in power and was merely seeking support for a non-profit.

I am also working on getting Dominican non-profit status. A director of another non-profit in town has been gracious enough to explain the process and offer help.

State-side Alexis is working with a generous friend to get our website up and running. Amy is working on getting receipts for our upcoming fundraising event: GO OUT FOR HUMANITY.

I hope all is well. Keep in touch.



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