BACK in CONSUELO, DR   2 comments

It is interesting to see others reactions.  My parents are visiting Consuelo.  They are both enthusiastic about seeing CCI make an impact in Consuelo.  Although they have visited twice before, they still react with amazement at the sheer need and poverty that exists.  I know change and support are needed here, but I may have become accustomed to the very small amount of money, food, and resources on which many Consuelenses subsist.  CCI is hoping to launch courses at the beginning of 2011.  Please consider giving a donation, small or large, even if you’ve given before to help the citizens of the first CCI community connect to their potential.  You too will be leaving your mark as we try to push ourselves, humanity, towards our collective potential.   CCI appreciates your support.


Posted October 28, 2010 by anglynnbennett in Uncategorized

2 responses to “BACK in CONSUELO, DR

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  1. Love you guys!

  2. te felicito Angi por el diseño de la pagina, espero que Dios te bendiga y que la bendiciones llegen hasta nuestra comunidad.

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