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Service for Aid is CCI’s unique way of implementing long-lasting change through the delivery of humanitarian aid.  CCI uses your donations to provide meaningful incentives for people who participate in CCI programming.  Our first incentive was given to a local baseball team in the form of partial support for its entrance fee into a local baseball tournament.  In order to earn their incentive, the players participate in a community service project and CCI’s Youth Literacy Intervention Project.  The team members helped to carry donated desks from a local school to the CCI community center (about a half-mile walk).  The boys are also enthusiastic about reading the biography of Albert Pujols in their CCI reading group.  By offering struggling community citizens short-term rewards for their service and capacity building, CCI awaits the long-term sustained impacts which will arise from individuals and the community reaching their potential.

CCI is working with local schools to identify candidates for literacy groups, and is working with the local city government to coordinate essential community service projects.  CCI is looking to you for support as we launch these change provoking projects.  Happy Holidays!



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