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Dominican Independence Day   Leave a comment

Today, the 27th of February, is Dominican Independence Day.  CCI’s long term goal is to make Dominican communities like Consuelo, truly independent, by giving them the opportunities to be autonomous in their daily lives.

Living in a sovereign nation does not always guarantee independence.  Being able to care for your family by finding a job and making choices with one’s income is a key part of being truly independent.  With your help, we can offer a variety of capacity building classes for Dominicans to have skills to break into the limited employment arena with confidence.  Job opportunities are scarce in the Dominican, but we want people to prepare community members to be ready to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

When we as humanity decide that everyone should have access to economic independence we will be closing in our potential.  Help CCI connect humanity to its potential and support us with a monthly donation of ANY denomination at  We appreciate your support.



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The Cycle of Service   Leave a comment

While I was in Peace Corps, I worked with the local schools in Consuelo to find the kids most in need of literacy help.  When I was evaluating kids’ knowledge of the vowels, the alphabet, and basic two syllable words, I met Bladimir.  He was 14 in fifth grade and couldn’t identify any of the vowels.  The first book in the 36 book Scholastic Literacy set, AEIOU, took him several weeks to master.  Together, in about a year, we pushed through all the books in the series. Now that he is reading, they skipped him a few grades.  Today, he is in his junior year and looking forward to graduating soon.  It is impressive, but there is something more inspiring.

Bladmir, like many in Consuelo, is hoping to be signed into one of the many Dominican academies of  Major League Baseball teams.  He spends his morning at the baseball field and his nights in night school at the local high school.  And now, his afternoons are faithfully spent at the CCI community center.  Bladmir is so grateful for his ability to read and for the literacy help he received that he is anxious to give back.

I have had Bladimir tell his story to teachers and politicians at CCI community meetings.  He gets nervous, but his story is powerful.  He recently participated in a CCI literacy volunteers’ training and is now helping kids who are in the same difficult situation he overcame.  This is what CCI’s Service for Aid hopes to replicate thousands of times over.

Bladimir plans to participate in English classes at CCI in exchange for his time helping in the literacy groups.  We are also working on his reading and ability to take notes after the literacy groups.  We hope that Sara, Angelo, Dariel, and all the other participants in CCI’s Literacy Intervention continue the same cycle of service.

Your donations make all of this possible!  Thank you!   To see more photos, visit us at and

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