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Friday, May 6th, 2011, was a great day for CCI!

CCI has moved to this facility of the ImpACTA Kids' Foundation

CCI has officially moved locations in Consuelo.  ImpACTA Kids Foundation, the charitable foundation of Manny Acta (Consuelero and manager of the Cleveland Indians), has graciously agreed to collaborate with us and share space in its new building: the Alfredo Griffin Education Complex.

The father of the local Episcopal church, Padre Guelmy, joined us to read stories.

To celebrate, CCI hosted a Day of Reading.  Children from the literacy program, their parents and grandparents, as well as community leaders attended.  CCI kids made advancements toward their goal of reading the 36 books in the phonics set.  Parents and grandparents were able to see the progress their children and grandchildren are making.  Community leaders became familiar with CCI’s programming and made personal connections with at-risk youth in the community.

Thank you for support and donations.  CCI continues to operate on occasional individual donations.  As the CEO, I will be returning to the United States in June to seek financial alliances and to raise awareness about CCI’s programming.  Our loyal and tireless volunteers have said they will continue the literacy program with or without pay.  Help us give these volunteers at least a $100 a month incentive for the work they do.  By valuing the work of the volunteers, we can ensure that positive impacts continue in the community as we connect humanity to its potential.

All 40 people who attended signed their names to commemorate our first day in the new location.

This boy carefully signs his name.

Local Peace Corps Volunteer, Sasha Miranda, listens to a story.

This boy practices before reading his book to an adult.

Alnurfo Jalles, an official from the local school district, reads with CCI kids.

Literacy participants like this young girl work towards their goal of reading the entire 36 book series.

Grandma brings her CCI participant along with other grandkids to the CCI Day of Reading.

Carmen Acta reads with a CCI literacy participant.

These CCI members earned a month of English class for their service helping with the Day of Reading


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  1. It is great to see the pride in the reader’s eyes. What a gift learning to read, and to read well is! Thanks Angie, and congratulation to all your volunteers for improving the learning of these precious children and young people.

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