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Consuelo will welcome a new CCI Volunteer   Leave a comment

I am a political researcher from New York (and California, and I’ve also lived in Ohio and DC—I’m a little bit of a nomad).  After 5 years of working in and around political campaigns, I’ve really wanted a chance to do work that is not so far removed from actual, real, live people.  As a consultant, I worked with campaign staff who worked for candidates who, I hoped, would push for policies that would help people I would never meet—provided that my candidate won.

With CCI, I look forward to the opportunity to work directly with people, to learn what I can from them and to make what I hope will be life-long friends.

I am excited about the chance to work with children, and to take on some of the other projects available in Consuelo.  I am also really grateful for the chance to strengthen my Spanish and to learn a new city.  I’m hoping that this will be the first of several chances to serve CCI.


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